Demeanor to Depurate

Demeanor, n. Behavior, carriage, deportment, conduct, manner, bearing, air, mien.

Demented, a. Idiotic, foolish, infatuated, insane, crazy, crack-brained, daft, deranged.

Dementia, n. [L.] (Med.) Idiocy, insanity, loss of intellect.

Demerit, n. Fault, delinquency, ill-desert.

Demi-monde, n. [Fr.] Questionable women (collectively), the kept-mistresses, the courtesan class.

Demirep, n. Woman of doubtful reputation (as respects chastity), questionable woman, member of the demi-monde.

Demise, n.

    1. Conveyance, alienation, transfer, transferrence, making over.
    2. Death (of a royal or a distinguished person), decease.

Demise, v. a.

    1. Ahenate, transfer, consign, devolve, convey, make over, deliver over.
    2. Bequeath, devise, will, grant by will.

Demiurgic, a. Creative, formative.

Democracy, n.

    1. Government by the people.
    2. Republic, representative government.
    3. [U. S.] Democrats, democratic party.

Democratic, Democratical, a.

    1. Popular, of the people.
    2. Representative, republican.
    3. [U. S.] Of the democrats.

Demolish, v. a. Destroy, overthrow, raze, level, ruin, dash to pieces, break to pieces.

Demolition, n. Overthrow, destruction, ruin.

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