Deceive to Defer

Deceive, v. a.

    1. Delude, cheat, dupe, gull, cozen, fool, befool, trick, circumvent, overreach, chouse, beguile, hoodwink, impose upon, make a fool of, play a trick upon, pull wool over one’s eyes.
    2. Disappoint, frustrate.
    3. Beguile, wile away, while away.

Deceiver, n. Impostor, cheat, trickster, rogue, knave, pretender.

Decency, n.

    1. Propriety, decorum, proper formality.
    2. Modesty, delicacy, purity.

Decent, a.

    1. Proper, becoming, fit, befitting, suitable, decorous, seemly, comely.
    2. Modest, delicate, pure.
    3. (Colloq.) Tolerable, passable, moderate, respectable.

Deception, n.

    1. Imposture, imposition. See deceit.
    2. Cheat, ruse, wile, stratagem, chouse. See trick.

Deceptive, a. Deceitful, deceiving, delusive, illusive, illusory, misleading, fallacious, false.

Decide, v. a. Settle, conclude, determine, close, terminate, end.

Decide, v. n. Determine, conclude, resolve, come to a conclusion, give a decision, make a decision, make up one’s mind

Decided, a.

    1. Determined, unwavering, unhesitating, resolute.
    2. Unequivocal, categorical, positive, absolute.

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