Compound to Concurrence

Compound, v. a.

    1. Mix, mingle, intermix, intermingle, blend, combine, unite, amalgamate, (either physically or mentally).
    2. Compromise, settle, adjust, compose.
    3. Commute, pay with an abatement, pay by substitution.
    4. Connive at, bargain with.

Compound, v. n. Compromise, agree, come to terms, come to an agreement, make an arrangement.

Compound, a. Complex, composite, compounded.

Compound, n.

    1. Mixture, composition, combination.
    2. Medley, olio, farrago, hodge-podge, hotch-potch or hotchpot, mess (colloq.), jumble.
    3. [In the East Indies.] Yard (round a building), enclosure.

Comprehend, v. a.

    1. Comprise, include, enclose, embrace, contain, embody, take in.
    2. Grasp (mentally), understand (fully), apprehend, conceive, imagine, see, discern, perceive, enter into the idea of, catch the idea of.

Comprehension, n.

    1. Inclusion, comprising, embracing.
    2. Scope, reach, sweep, range, compass, embrace, field, sphere, limits, domain, province.
    3. (Log.) Intension, connotation, force, depth, etc. (of a notion).
    4. Grasp (of our understanding), power to understand, conception, understanding, intelligence.
    5.Intellect, mind, reason, mental capacity, understanding, intelligence.

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