Communicative to Compotation

Communicative, a. Free, unreserved, open, sociable, social, affable, conversable.

Communion, n.

    1. Participation, fellowship, converse, intercourse.
    2. Eucharist, Sacrament, Lord’s Supper, Holy Communion.

Communism, n. Socialism, Fourierism, Phalansterism, Humanitarianism, Saint Simonianism.

Community, n.

    1. Common or joint possession.
    2. [With The prefixed.] Commonwealth, people, public, society, body politic.
    3. Association, society, brotherhood, college.
    4. Sameness, likeness, identity, similarity, participancy.

Commutation, n.

    1. Exchange.
    2. (Law.) Replacement (of a greater punishment by a less).

Commute, v. a.

    1. Exchange.
    2. Replace (a greater punishment by a less).

Compact, n. Agreement, contract, covenant, stipulation, bargain, treaty, concordat, convention, pact, arrangement.

Compact, v. a.

    1. Press together, condense, compress.
    2. Consolidate, join firmly, knit together, bind, unite.

Compact, a.

    1. Close, dense, solid, firm, compressed, pressed together, closely put together, of firm texture.

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