Chat to Chore

Chat, v. n. Prattle, chatter, babble, gossip, confabulate, talk freely, talk lightly and unceremoniously, have a free and easy talk.

Chat, n. Prattle, gossip, confabulation, chitchat, causerie, easy conversation, free and easy talk, rambling and informal talk, confab (colloq.).

Chattels, n. pl. Goods, effects, property other than freehold.

Chatter, v. n. Prattle, chat, gossip, talk idly, talk freely. See prate.

Chatter, n. Chat, prattle, babble, gabble. See Prate and Balderdash.

Chatterer, n. Prater, prattler, tattler, gossip, babbler, gadder, gadabout, rattle-head, gibberer, jabberer, cackler, blabber, blatterer, blatherskite

Cheap, a.

    1. Low-priced.
    2. Common, paltry, poor, mean, indifferent, inferior, of little value, of small account.

Cheapen, v. a.

    1. Depreciate, reduce in value, lower the price of, lower in price.
    2. Depreciate, belittle, reduce in esteem.

Cheat, v. a. Defraud, trick, deceive, dupe, gull, overreach, jockey, cozen, chouse, outwit, bamboozle, circumvent, delude, hoodwink, beguile, mislead, cajole, inveigle, gammon, impose upon, take in, swindle, victimize, practise on, entrap, ensnare, hoax, fool, befool, play false.

Cheat, v. n. Deceive, practise fraud, act dishonestly, shuffle, dissemble, cozen, juggle.

Cheat, n.

    1. Trick, deception, imposture, imposition, juggle, stratagem, fraud, wile, blind, catch, swindle, snare, trap, pitfall, artifice, deceit, chouse, piece of finesse, bit of knavery, piece of chicanery.
    2. False show, delusion, illusion, deception, mockery, sham, counterfeit, make believe, tinsel, paste.
    3. Trickster, impostor, rogue, knave, swindler, sharper, cheater, artful fellow, dodger, artful dodger, shuffler, charlatan, mountebank, chevalier d’industrie.

Cheater, n. Trickster. See cheat.

Check, n.

    1. Restraint, curb, bridle, hindrance, stop, obstacle, impediment, obstruction, bar, barrier, damper, interference, rebuff, repression, control.

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