Cataclysm, n.

    1. Inundation, deluge, overflow, flood.
    2. (Geol.) Catastrophe, overwhelming change.

Catacomb, n. Crypt, vault, tomb.

Catalepsy, n. (Med.) Trance.

Catalogue, n. List (arranged in a certain order) register, roll, record, schedule, invoice, inventory.

Catamenia, n. pl. [Gr.] Menses, menstrual discharges, menstrual flux, courses.

Catamenial, a. Menstrual.

Catamount, n. Cougar, puma, North American tiger (Felis concolor).

Cataplasm, n. Poultice.

Cataract, n.

    1. Waterfall, fall, cascade.
    2. (Med.) Obstructed sight, loss of sight (from opacity of the crystalline lens).

Catarrh, n. Cold in the head.

Catastrophe, n.

    1. Upshot, issue, consummation, conclusion, termination, dénouement, finale, winding up, finishing stroke, final event.
    2. Disaster, misfortune, mishap, mischance. See calamity.

Catch, v. a.

    1. Grasp, seize, snatch, clutch, gripe, grasp, lay hold of, fasten upon.
    2. Arrest, apprehend, capture.
    3. Overtake, come up with.
    4. Ensnare, entrap, entangle.
    5. Captivate, charm, enchant, fascinate, bewitch, win.

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