Cabal to Camarilla


Cabal, n.

    1. Clique (for some sinister purpose), junto, coterie, set, party, gang, faction, combination, league, confederacy, camarilla.
    2. Intrigue, plot, complot, conspiracy, machination.

Cabal, v. n. Intrigue, plot, conspire, complot, machinate.

Cabalistic, a. Occult, secret, mysterious, mystic, mystical, dark.

Cabaret, n. Tavern, inn, wine-shop, public-house, house of entertainment.

Cabbage, n.

    1. Plant of the genus Brassica.
    2. [Cant term.] Shreds of cloth, tailors’ remnants.

Cabbage, v. a. (Colloq.) Steal, purloin, filch, pilfer, make off with.

Cabin, n. Hut, hovel, shed, cot, cottage, humble dwelling.

Cabinet, n.

    1. Closet, boudoir, by-room, small room, private room, retired apartment, private apartment.
    2. Collection (of antiquities, curiosities, specimens, etc.).
    3. Case, set of encased drawers.
    4. Ministry, council, body of advisers.

Caboose, n. [Written also Camboose.] Cook-room (of a ship), galley.

Cabriolet, n. Cab, hansom, brougham.

Cachalot, n. Sperm-whale, spermaceti whale (Physeter macrocephalus).

Cachinnation, n. Laughter (loud or immoderate), laugh, guffaw, horse-laugh.

Cackle, v. n.

    1. Laugh (with a sound like the cackling of a goose), giggle, titter, snicker.
    2. Chatter, prattle, babble, palaver, talk idly, talk nonsense. See prate.

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