Blue to Booby

Blue, a.

    1. Azure, cerulean, sapphirine, amethystine, sky-colored.
    2. Livid, ghastly, pallid.
    3. (Colloq.) Melancholy, dejected, dispirited, depressed, sad, glum, gloomy, mopish, downcast, desponding, downhearted, hypochondriac, hipped, chapfallen, low-spirited, cast down, in the dumps, with a long face, in the blues, down in the mouth.
    4. (Colloq.) Dismal, depressing, doleful, gloomy, dispiriting, melancholy, disheartening.
    5. Pedantic (said of women), on the blue-stocking order, sapient.

Blue, n. Azure, sky-color, cerulean, amethystine, sapphirine.

Blue-devils, n. pl. See blues.

Blue-fish, n. Tailor, skip-jack, snapping mackerel (Temnodon saltator).

Blues, n. pl. [With The.] Melancholy, dejection, depression, despondency, hypochondria, dumps, vapors, low spirits, blue-devils, the dismals.

Blue-stocking, n. Pedantic woman, sapient female.

Blue-vitriol, n. Sulphate of copper, blue-stone.

Bluff, a.

    1. Broad and full, hearty and open. (Said of the countenance.)
    2. Rough and hearty, blunt and frank, roughly good-natured.
    3. Steep, abrupt, precipitous, like a bluff.

Bluff, n. Precipitous bank (especially on the margin of a river or the sea).

Blunder, v. n.

    1. Mistake (grossly), err (from want of care).
    2. Flounder, stumble, go bungling.
    3. Bungle, be awkward, miss the mark, miss the point, be stupid, inaccurate, or at loose ends.

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