Book to Branch

Book, n.

    1. Work, volume.
    2. Main division (of a written work), part.

Booked up. Posted, well-informed, au fait, au courant.

Bookish, a. Given to reading, fond of books, fond of study, very studious.

Book-keeper, n. Accountant.

Book-learned, a. Versed in books.

Book-madness, n. Bibliomania.

Book-maker, n.

    1. Compiler.
    2. Bettor, layer of odds.

Book-making, n.

    1. Compilation.
    2. Betting, laying of odds.

Bookseller, n. Bibliopole, bibliopolist.

Bookstore, n. [U.S.] Bookseller’s shop.

Bookworm, n. Great reader or student (without discrimination and without definite purpose).

Booley, n. [Irish.] Nomad, wanderer.

Boom, v. n.

    1. Roar, resound, drone, hum.
    2. Rush, bound, dash forward.

Boom, n. Resounding noise, roar, booming, droning, deep and hollow humming.

Boon, n.

    1. Gift, present, benefaction, grant, favor.

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