Blaze to Bludgeon

Blaze, n. Flame, flaming light, intense light, glow.

Blaze, v. n. Flame, burn with a flame.

Blaze, v. a. Publish, proclaim, blazon, make known, noise abroad, spread abroad, blaze abroad.

Blaze abroad. See preceding.

Blazing star. Comet.

Blazon, v. a.

    1. Emblazon, emblaze, adorn with ensigns armorial.
    2. Display, exhibit, set forth, make a show of, show off.
    3. Proclaim, publish, blaze, blare, trumpet, herald, noise abroad, bruit about, make known, spread or blaze abroad.

Blazon, n.

    1. Blazonry.
    2. Publication, proclamation, trumpeting, heralding.
    3. Exhibition, show, pompous display.

Blazonry, n. Emblazonry, heraldry.

Bleach, v. a. Whiten, blanch, etiolate, make or render white.

Bleach, v. n. Whiten, blanch, etiolate, grow or become white.

Bleaching powder. Chloride of lime, Tennant’s powder.

Bleak, a.

    1. Unsheltered, exposed, bare, unprotected, wind-swept, storm-beaten.
    2. Cold, chill, chilly, raw, biting, piercing, desolating.
    3. Desolate, drear, dreary, ungenial, cheerless, comfortless.

Blear, v. a. Dim, make rheumy, make watery.

Blearedness, n. Lippitude, dim-sightedness.

Blear-eyed, a. Dim-sighted.

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