Be cast away to Beleaguer

Be cast away.

    1. Be thrown aside, be rejected, discarded.
    2. Be shipwrecked.
    3. Be lost (morally), ruined, given over, cast out, outcast, or reprobate (d).

Because, conj. For, since, as, for the cause that, for the reason that, on this account that, inasmuch as.

Because of. On account of, by reason of, by cause of, by virtue of, on the ground of, owing to, due to, for, from, through, by.

Beccabunga, n. Brooklime, broklympe, veronica.

Beccamoschino, n. Fantail, warbler.

Bechance, v. a. Befall, happen to.

Becharm, v. a. Charm, captivate, enchant, enchain, fascinate, cast a spell on.

Bêche-de-mer, n. [Fr.] Trepang, sea-cucumber, sea-slug, holothuria.

Beck, n.

    1. Nod, bow, beckon, knowing look or gesture, gesture of invitation or command.
    2. Brook, brooklet, rill, run, runlet, runnel.
    3. Vat, dye-vat, back.

Beck, v. a. Beckon, nod to, signal to come, invite by signs.

Beck, v. n. Nod, beckon, gesture invitingly or commandingly.

Beckon, v. n. Make a sign, give a signal, call or invite by gesture.

Beckon, v. a. Call by a sign or signal, invite, wave toward one.

Becloud, v. a. Dim, bedim, obscure, darken, bedarken, cloud.

Become, v. n. Get, grow, turn to, change to, be changed to, be converted into, be turned into, be transformed into, get to be, come to be.

Become, v. a. Suit, befit, adorn, set off, be suitable to, be proper for, be appropriate to.

Become of. Be the fate of, be the end of, be the final condition of, befall, bechance, happen to, be the place or whereabouts of.

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