Becoming, a.

    1. Fit, proper, suitable, meet, appropriate, congruous, right, seemly, decorous.
    2. Comely, graceful, neat, pretty.

Be confined.

    1. Be restrained, be shut up, be shut in.
    2. Be brought to bed, lie in, be in child-bed, be delivered, come to labor, be in travail, be in the straw.

Bed, n.

    1. Couch, berth, resting-place, place to sleep in.
    2. Channel, hollow, depression.
    3. Receptacle, resting-place, foundation, base, support, underlayer.
    4. Raised plot (of ground).
    5. Layer, stratum, seam, vein, deposit, accumulation.

Bed, v. a. Embed, set, lay.

Bedaub, v. a. Smear, daub, besmear, soil, daub over.

Bedeck, v. a. Adorn, decorate, embellish, beautify, ornament, deck, emblazon, gild, array, garnish, grace, bedizen, set out, set off, trick out. See array.

Bedew, v. a. Moisten, wet, damp, dampen, sprinkle, besprinkle.

Bedim, v. a. Darken, bedarken, dim, obscure, cloud, becloud.

Bedizen, v. a. Adorn (gaudily), deck, bedeck, trick out, begawd, prank.

Bedlam, n. Madhouse, lunatic hospital, lunatic asylum, hospital for the insane.

Bedlamite, n. Madman, lunatic, maniac, crazy person, insane person, deranged person.

Bedouin, n. Nomadic Arab.

Bedridden, a. Confined to bed.

Beef, n. Flesh of neat-cattle.

Bee-house, n. Apiary, beehive.

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