Battle array to Becalm

Battle array. Order of battle, line, line of battle.

Battled, a. Embattled, battlemented, bristling with battlements.

Bauble, Bawble, n. Trinket, gewgaw, toy, trifle, plaything, gimcrack, knack, knick-knack.

Bavin, n. Fagot, twig, bough, brushwood.

Bavin, a. Brushy, fagot-like, twiggy.

Bavin, v. a. Kid, bundle, make into fagots, make into bavins.

Bawd, n. Procurer or (more commonly) procuress, pander, pimp.

Bawdry, n.

    1. Pandering, playing pimp or procuress.
    2. Fornication, whoredom, whoring, lechery, licentiousness, illicit intercourse.
    3. Obscenity, impurity, lewd talk, smut, indecency, filthy language.

Bawdy, a. Obscene, filthy, indecent, impure, lewd, smutty, unchaste.

Bawdy-house, n. Brothel, stew, bagnio, house of prostitution, house of ill-fame.

Bawl, v. n. and v. a. Clamor, vociferate, yell, howl, roar, shout, hoot, cry, squall.

Bay, a. Reddish-brown.

Bay, n.

    1. Bight, inlet of the sea.
    2. Recess (as in a room), opening.
    3. Compartment.
    4. Bay-tree, laurel-tree (Laurus nobilis), sweet laurel.
    5. Baywood, Campeachy mahogany.
    6. Laurel-crown, chaplet, laurel, garland, fame, renown, glory, honor, plaudits, praise, applause.
    7. Bark, barking, baying, yelp.
    8. Desperation, last resort, facing for life, life-and-death struggle.

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