Bel-esprit to Besmear

Bel-esprit, n. [Fr. pl. Beaux-esprits.] Wit, man of wit, man of genius.

Belfry, n. Campanile, bell-tower.

Belial, n. Satan. See apollyon.

Belie, v. a.

    1. Falsify, misrepresent, represent falsely.
    2. Give the lie to, convict of falsehood, show to be false, charge with falsehood.
    3. Contradict, controvert, go counter or contrary to.
    4. Load with lies, lie about, slander, calumniate.

Belief, n.

    1. Believing (the active phase of the fact), persuasion, conviction, confidence, trust, reliance, assurance, feeling of certainty. See faith.
    2. Being believed (the passive phase), credence, credit, acceptance, assent, currency.
    3. Creed (the thing or things believed), doctrine, tenet or tenets, dogma, opinion, view, article of faith, profession of faith.

Believe, v. a. Credit, give credit to, think to be true, give faith to, put faith in, rely upon, make no doubt of, put confidence in, be persuaded, convinced, confident, or sure of, assent to, trust, confide in.

Believe, v. n.

    1. Exercise faith, have faith, have a firm persuasion.
    2. Think, suppose, conceive, fancy, apprehend, imagine, hold, be of opinion, entertain the idea, take it. See opine.

Believe in.

    1. Trust, have confidence in, place reliance on.
    2. Be convinced of, be for, be in favor of, approve of, go in for.

Belike, ad. (Colloq.) Probably, perhaps, perchance, peradventure, mayhap, it may be, it is likely.

Belladonna, n. Banewort, dwale, deadly nightshade (Atropa belladonna).

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