Atomic to Augur

Atomic, Atomical, a.

    1. Of atoms, referring to atoms.
    2. Small, minute, infinitesimal, inappreciable.

At once.

    1. Immediately, directly, forthwith, straightway, without delay.
    2. At the same time, together, in one body.

Atone for. Expiate, make expiation for, make amends for, make reparation for, make satisfaction for, do penance for, answer for, pay for.

Atonement, n.

    1. (Rare) Reconciliation, pacification, concord, agreement.
    2. Expiation, propitiation, satisfaction, reparation, amends, peace-offering, atoning sacrifice.

Atonic, a.

    1. Marked by atony, asthenic, showing languor or exhaustion.
    2. Unaccented, without any accentual mark.
    3. Aspirate, aspirated, merely breathed, surd, non-sonant.

Atonic, n. See preceding adjective.

Atony, n. (Med.) Weakness, debility, languor, exhaustion, prostration, asthenia, astheny, atonicity.

Atrabiliar, Atrabiliary, a. Melancholy. See atrabilious.

Atrabilious, a. Melancholy, hypochondriacal, hypped, hyppish, dejected, dispirited, depressed, gloomy, sad, sorrowful, blue, desponding, downcast, down-hearted, chop-fallen, low-spirited, cast down, in the blues, in the dumps, with a long face.

Atramental, Atramentous, a. Black, inky.

At random. By chance, without choice, without selection, just as it happens hap-hazard, as may chance, at hazard.

At rest.

    1. Resting, reposing, quiescent, in repose.

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