Augury to Azure

Augury, n.

    1. Prognostication, soothsaying, prediction, prophecy, vaticination.
    2. Omen, sign, auspice, portent, presage, prognostic, precursor, forerunner, harbinger, herald.

August, a. Imposing, awful, awe-inspiring, solemn, venerable, majestic, stately, grand, regal, kingly, noble, dignified, princely.

Auld lang syne. [Scotch.] Antiquity, old times, former times, days of yore, the olden time, time gone by, days gone by, the good old times, pleasant memories of youth.

Aura, n. Effluence, exhalation, expiration, effluvium, aroma, odor.

Aureate, a. Golden, yellow, gold-colored.

Aurelia, n. (Ent.) Chrysalis, pupa, nympha.

Aureola, n. [L.] Halo, glory, aureole, effulgence, irradiance.

Auricle, n.

    1. Pavilion, external ear.
    2. Superior chamber (of the heart).

Aurora, n.

    1. (Mythol.) Goddess of Morning.
    2. Daybreak, dawn, morning, sunrise, break of day, opening of day, peep of day, first blush of the morning. See morn.

Aurora borealis. [L.] Northern lights, polar lights.

Auspice, n. Omen, augury, sign, portent, presage, prognostic.

Auspices, n. pl. Favor, influence, patronage, protection, support, benign or favoring influences.

Auspicious, a.

    1. Prosperous, successful, fortunate, lucky, happy, red-letter.
    2. Propitious, promising, favorable, seasonable, opportune, golden, bright.

Austere, a.

    1. Rough (to the taste), sour, and astringent.

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