Assent to to Atom

Assent to. Consent to, agree to, give assent to, acquiesce in, concur in, approve, accept.

Assert, v. a.

    1. Affirm, declare, maintain, pronounce, express, say, aver, allege, asseverate, protest, avouch, avow, predicate, lay down.
    2. Vindicate, defend, claim, maintain, uphold, put forward, insist upon, press, emphasize, make felt.

Assertion, n.

    1. Affirmation, declaration, asseveration, protestation, position, statement, word, averment, allegation, predication, remark.
    2. Vindication, defence, maintenance, support, pressing, emphasizing, insistence on.

Assertive, a. Positive, decided, confident, unconditional, peremptory.

Assertory, a. Declarative (either affirmatively or negatively), declaratory, maintaining, no longer problematic.

Assess, v. a.

    1. Tax, charge with one’s share, assign one’s share to, impose one’s share on.
    2. Value, appraise, compute, estimate, rate.
    3. Fix, assign, determine, impose.

Assessment, n.

    1. Assessing, valuation.
    2. Tax, impost, charge, rate.

Assets, n. pl. Property (particularly as compared with liabilities), effects, possessions, estate.

Asseverate, v. a. Aver, affirm, declare, protest, maintain, avow. See assert.

Asseveration, n. Declaration. See assertion.

Assiduity, n. Industry, diligence, assiduousness, sedulousness, activity, perseverance, persistence, patience, devotedness, devotion, care, carefulness, close application.

Assiduous, a. Industrious, sedulous, diligent, indefatigable, notable, active, busy, untiring, unwearied, unremitting, unintermitting, persevering, persistent, constant, patient, devoted, careful, attentive, laborious, studious, zealous, nevertiring, tireless, painstaking.

Assiduousness, n. See assiduity.

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