Articulated to Assent

Articulated, a. See articulate.

Articulation, n.

    1. Distinct utterance.
    2. (Gram) Consonant.
    3. Joint, hinge, juncture, connection, point of junction, mode of union.

Artifice, n.

    1. Contrivance, invention, effort, art.
    2. Cunning, deceit, deception, imposture, fraud, trickery, device, duplicity, guile, subtlety, finesse, stratagem, shift, trick, subterfuge, wile, ruse, doubling, Machiavelism, diplomacy, machination, cheat, shuffle, double- dealing, dodge (colloq.), hocus-pocus, crafty device, artful contrivance.

Artificier, n.

    1. Maker, contriver, plotter, machinator.
    2. Worker, workman, craftsman, mechanic, artisan.
    3. Artist (not of the highest grade), superior artisan, skilful mechanic, skilled workman.

Artificial, a.

    1. Factitious, made by art, not natural.
    2. Fictitious, feigned, counterfeit, counterfeited, sham, spurious.
    3. Assumed, affected, forced, strained.

Artificiality, n. Artificialness. See artificial.

Artillery, n.

    1. Ordnance, cannon, enginery, great guns.
    2. Gunnery, theory of ordnance, art of handling artillery.

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