Anility to Antiquity

Anility, n. Imbecility, dotage, senility, decrepitude, superannuation, weakness.

Animadversion, n.

    1. Notice, observation, perception, act of noticing, etc., remark, comment.
    2. Reproof, stricture, censure, blame, aspersion, reflection, condemnation, reprobation, reprehension, severe criticism.

Animadvert upon.

    1. Remark, notice, note, take notice of, mention, consider.
    2. Censure, disapprove, find fault with, object to, take exception to, protest against, criticise severely.

Animal, n.

    1. Creature, living being, created being, sentient being.
    2. Beast, irrational creature, dumb creature, beast of the field, fowl of the air, denizen of the deep See brute.

Animal, a.

    1. Pertaining to living beings, living, sentient.
    2. Derived from animals, composed of flesh, consisting of meat.
    3. Carnal, physical, natural, fleshly, unspiritual, beastly, brutal, brutish.

Animalcula, n. pl. [L.] Animalcules, microscopic animals.

Animalcule, n. Microscopic animal, very minute animal.

Animal magnetism. Mesmerism.

Animal spirits.

    1. Nervous fluid, the nervous force, vital principle, life.
    2. Energy, vigor, life, spirit, buoyancy of mind, lightheartedness, impulsiveness, spiritedness. See animation.

Animate, v. a.

    1. Quicken, inform, make alive, give life to, vivify.

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