Apportion to Ardor

Apportion, v. a. Allot, distribute, assign, divide, partition, part, measure (out), share deal, dole, dispense, parcel out, deal out, portion out.

Apportionment, n. Distribution, allotment, assignment, partition, division.

Apposite, a. Apt, pertinent, relevant, fit, fitting, befitting, suitable, appropriate, seasonable, germane, apropos, pat (colloq.), to the purpose, to the point, well applied, well put.

Appraisal, n. See appraisement.

Appraise, v. a. Value, estimate, prize, rate, set a value on, fix a price for, estimate the worth of, form an estimate of.

Appraisement, n. Appraisal, valuation, estimation, estimate, judgment.

Appreciate, v. a.

    1. Estimate justly, set a just value on, form a correct estimate of, value rightly, perceive the worth of, value, esteem, prize.
    2. Estimate, esteem, value, rate.
    3. Raise the value of, make of greater value.

Appreciate, v. n. Rise in value, be worth more.

Appreciation, n.

    1. Valuation, estimation, appraisal, appraisement.
    2. Just estimate, correct valuation, esteem, sense of one’s worth.
    3. Rise in value, rise, increased value or price.

Apprehend, v. a.

    1. Seize, arrest, take, catch, detain, capture, take prisoner.
    2. Conceive, imagine, look at, regard, view.
    3. See (mentally), perceive, realize, understand, take in, appreciate, take the meaning or point of
    4. Fear, forebode, have a presentiment of.

Apprehend, v. n. Think, suppose, imagine, conceive, fancy, hold, ween, presume, be of opinion, take it. See opine.

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