Amen to Anile

Amen, ad. So be it, be it so, let it be so.

Amenability, n. Accountability, liability, responsibility, answerableness, amenableness.

Amenable, a.

    1. Accountable, liable, responsible, answerable.
    2. Open (to), within the reach (of), able to be influenced (by), impressible (by), pliant (to).

Amenableness, n. See amenability.

Amend, v. a. Improve, mend, correct, rectify, reform. See ameliorate.

Amend, v. n. Improve, mend, become better.

Amende honorable. [Fr.] Apology (for improper treatment or language), reparation.

Amendment, n.

    1. Improvement, reformation, change for the better.
    2. Alteration, change, correction.

Amends, n. Compensation, (for loss or injury), recompense, indemnification, indemnity, reparation, restitution, redress, atonement, expiation, satisfaction.

Amenity, n.

    1. Pleasantness, agreeableness, mildness, softness.
    2. Suavity, affability, gentleness, refinement, civility, comity, courtesy, politeness, urbanity, complaisance, amiability, geniality, blandness, graciousness, obliging manner, good manners, good-breeding.

Ament, n. Catkin, amentum.

Amentum, n. [L.] (Bot.) Ament.

Amerce, v. a. Fine, mulct, impose a fine upon, deprive of, strip of.

Amercement, n. Fine, mulct, forfeiture, pecuniary penalty, deprivation.

Amiability, n. Loveliness, kindliness, kindness, amiableness, benignity, amenity, affability, obligingness, winsomeness, attractiveness, kind-heartedness, fellow-feeling, good feeling, good-humor, good temper, sweet temper, sweetness of disposition.

Amiable, a Lovable, lovely, sweet, engaging, charming, winning, winsome, attractive, benignant, benign, sweet-tempered, kind-hearted, tender-hearted, worthy of love, of excellent disposition.

Amiableness, n. See amiability.

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