Affix to Agree

Affix, v. a. Join, subjoin, annex, attach, fasten, connect, set to, unite to the end.

Affix, n. Postfix, suffix.

Afflatus, n. Inspiration, supernatural influence, theopneusty, beatific vision, ecstasy.

Afflict, v. a. Grieve, distress, trouble, try, torment, agonize, plague, pain, hurt, harass, wound, exercise, grind, persecute, smite, make sorrowful.

Afflicting, a. Grievous, painful, troublous, tormenting, harassing, harrowing, sorrowful, piteous, distressing, calamitous, disastrous, afflictive, sad, unhappy, unfortunate, unlucky, wretched, dire, deplorable, sore, woful, severe, hard, trying, hard to bear.

Affliction, n.

    1. Calamity, adversity, misfortune, disaster, visitation, stroke, ill, reverse, reverse of fortune.
    2. Grief, sorrow, distress, woe, depression, tribulation, trial, plague, scourge, trouble, heartache, heartbreak, broken heart, heavy heart, bitterness, misery, wretchedness.

Afflictive, a. Afflicting. See afflict.

Affluence, n. Wealth, riches, opulence, fortune, plenty, abundance, exuberance, affluency, ample store, ample means.

Affluent, a.

    1. Abundant, exuberant, plenteous, bounteous, abounding.
    2. Opulent, wealthy, rich, moneyed.

Affluent, n. Tributary, feeder, branch, confluent.

Afford, v. a.

    1. Supply. furnish, yield, produce.
    2. Confer, impart, grant, bestow, offer, lend, give, communicate, spare
    3. Bear (the cost or expense of), endure, support.

Affray, n. Brawl (in a public place), quarrel, conflict, personal conflict, struggle, contest, strife, row, fray, tussle, scuffle, set-to, fisticuffs, fracas, scrimmage, encounter, collision, broil, fight, mêlée, tumult, disturbance, outbreak, riot, émeute, breach of the peace, rumpus (colloq.), mill (colloq.), skirmish, rencontre, etc. See affair, 3.

Affray, v. a. Affright, frighten, terrify, alarm, strike terror into, dismay. See next.

Affright, v. a. Frighten, terrify, alarm, scare, daunt, appall, dismay, shock, confound, dishearten, dispirit, fright, intimidate, startle, overawe, put in fear.

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