Agreeable to Allopathic

Agreeable, a. [With to.]

    1. Suitable, fitting, fit, proper, meet, appropriate, befitting, conformable, correspondent, accordant, concordant, consonant.
    2. Pleasing, pleasant, pleasurable, grateful, gratifying, acceptable, welcome, good, goodly, delightful, charming, delectable, delicious, dulcet, sweet, to one’s taste, to one’s mind, after one’s fancy.

Agreeably to. According to, conformably to, in accordance with, in pursuance of, pursuant to.

Agree with.

    1. Chime in with, fall in with.
    2. Be wholesome for, be healthful for, be good for, promote one’s health, conduce to one’s health.
    3. Make a bargain with, strike hands with, be reconciled to.

Agriculture, n. Tillage, husbandry, farming, culture, cultivation, geoponics.

Agriculturist, n. Husbandman, farmer, tiller of the ground, cultivator of the soil, agriculturalist.

Aground, ad.

    1. Ashore, not afloat, stranded.
    2. Stranded, brought to a stop (for ideas, means, etc.), exhausted in resources, run out.

Ague, n.

    1. Chilliness, cold, chill, shiver, shivering, shivering-fit, shakes.
    2. Intermittent fever, fever and ague, chills, chills and fever.

Ague-Weed, n. Thoroughwort, boneset, fever-root, Indian sage (Eupatorium perfoliatum).

Ahead, ad.

    1. Onward, forward, in advance, in front.
    2. (Naut.) In opposition (said of the wind), against us, in our teeth.

Ai, n. Three-toed sloth (Bradypus tridactylus or torquatus).

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