Waxen chatterer(Zoöl.), the Bohemian chatterer.

(Wax"i*ness) n. Quality or state of being waxy.

(Wax"wing`) n. (Zoöl.) Any one of several species of small birds of the genus Ampelis, in which some of the secondary quills are usually tipped with small horny ornaments resembling red sealing wax. The Bohemian waxwing (see under Bohemian) and the cedar bird are examples. Called also waxbird.

(Wax"work`) n.

1. Work made of wax; especially, a figure or figures formed or partly of wax, in imitation of real beings.

2. (Bot.) An American climbing shrub It bears a profusion of yellow berrylike pods, which open in the autumn, and display the scarlet coverings of the seeds.

(Wax"work`er) n.

1. One who works in wax; one who makes waxwork.

2. A bee that makes or produces wax.

(Wax"y) a. Resembling wax in appearance or consistency; viscid; adhesive; soft; hence, yielding; pliable; impressible. "Waxy to persuasion." Bp. Hall.

Waxy degeneration(Med.), amyloid degeneration. See under Amyloid.Waxy kidney, Waxy liver, etc. (Med.), a kidney or liver affected by waxy degeneration.

(Way) adv. [Aphetic form of away.] Away. [Obs. or Archaic] Chaucer.

To do way, to take away; to remove. [Obs.] "Do way your hands." Chaucer.To make way with, to make away with. See under Away. [Archaic]

(Way), n. [OE. wey, way, AS. weg; akin to OS., D., OHG., & G. weg, Icel. vegr, Sw. väg, Dan. vei, Goth. wigs, L. via, and AS. wegan to move, L. vehere to carry, Skr. vah. &radic136. Cf. Convex, Inveigh, Vehicle, Vex, Via, Voyage, Wag, Wagon, Wee, Weigh.]

Waxberry to Waywodeship

(Wax"ber`ry) n. (Bot.) The wax-covered fruit of the wax myrtle, or bayberry. See Bayberry, and Candleberry tree.

(Wax"bill`) n. (Zoöl.) Any one of numerous species of finchlike birds belonging to Estrelda and allied genera, native of Asia, Africa, and Australia. The bill is large, conical, and usually red in color, resembling sealing wax. Several of the species are often kept as cage birds.

(Wax"bird`) (Zoöl.) The waxwing.

(Wax"en) a.

1. Made of wax. "The female bee, that . . . builds her waxen cells." Milton.

2. Covered with wax; waxed; as, a waxen tablet.

3. Resembling wax; waxy; hence, soft; yielding.

Men have marble, women waxen, minds.

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