Bayberry tallow, a fragrant green wax obtained from the bayberry or wax myrtle; — called also myrtle wax.

(Bay"bolt`) n. A bolt with a barbed shank.

(Bayed) a. Having a bay or bays. "The large bayed barn." Drayton.

Bay ice
(Bay" ice`) See under Ice.

Bay leaf
(Bay" leaf`) See under 3d Bay.

(Bay"o*net) n. [F. bayonnette, baïonnette; — so called, it is said, because the first bayonets were made at Bayonne.]

1. (Mil.) A pointed instrument of the dagger kind fitted on the muzzle of a musket or rifle, so as to give the soldier increased means of offense and defense.

Originally, the bayonet was made with a handle, which required to be fitted into the bore of the musket after the soldier had fired.

2. (Mach.) A pin which plays in and out of holes made to receive it, and which thus serves to engage or disengage parts of the machinery.

Bayonet clutch. See Clutch.Bayonet joint, a form of coupling similar to that by which a bayonet is fixed on the barrel of a musket. Knight.

(Bay), v. t. [Cf. OE. bæwen to bathe, and G. bähen to foment.] To bathe. [Obs.] Spenser.

(Bay), n. A bank or dam to keep back water.

(Bay), v. t. To dam, as water; — with up or back.

(||Ba"ya) n. [Native name.] (Zoöl.) The East Indian weaver bird (Ploceus Philippinus).

(||Ba*yad" Ba*yatte") n. [Ar. bayad.] (Zoöl.) A large, edible, siluroid fish of the Nile, of two species (Bagrina bayad and B. docmac).

(Ba`ya*dere") n. [F., from Pg. bailadeira a female dancer, bailar to dance.] A female dancer in the East Indies. [Written also bajadere.]

(Bay"-ant`ler) n. [See Bez- Antler.] (Zoöl.) The second tine of a stag's horn. See under Antler.

(Bay"ard) n.

1. [OF. bayard, baiart, bay horse; bai bay + -ard. See Bay, a., and -ard.] Properly, a bay horse, but often any horse. Commonly in the phrase blind bayard, an old blind horse.

Blind bayard moves the mill.

2. [Cf. F. bayeur, fr. bayer to gape.] A stupid, clownish fellow. [Obs.] B. Jonson.

(Bay"ard*ly), a. Blind; stupid. [Obs.] "A formal and bayardly round of duties." Goodman.

(Bay"ber*ry) n. (Bot.) (a) The fruit of the bay tree or Laurus nobilis. (b) A tree of the West Indies related to the myrtle (c) The fruit of Myrica cerifera (wax myrtle); the shrub itself; — called also candleberry tree.

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