(Vil"lein) n. (Feudal Law) See Villain, 1.

(Vil"len*age) n. [See Villanage.] (Feudal Law) Villanage. Blackstone.

(Vil"len*ous) a. Of or pertaining to a villein.

(||Vil"li) n., pl. of Villus.

(Vil"li*form) a. [Villus + - form.] Having the form or appearance of villi; like close-set fibers, either hard or soft; as, the teeth of perch are villiform.

(Vil*lose") a. (Bot.) See Villous.

(Vil*los"i*ty) n.

1. State of being villous.

2. (Bot.) A coating of long, slender hairs.

3. (Anat.) A villus.

(Vil"lous) a. [L. villosus: cf. F. villeux. Cf. Velvet.]

1. Abounding in, or covered with, fine hairs, or a woolly substance; shaggy with soft hairs; nappy.

2. (Anat.) Furnished or clothed with villi.

(||Vil"lus) n.; pl. Villi [L., shaggy hair, a tuft of hair.]

1. (Anat.) One of the minute papillary processes on certain vascular membranes; a villosity; as, villi cover the lining of the small intestines of many animals and serve to increase the absorbing surface.

2. pl. (Bot.) Fine hairs on plants, resembling the pile of velvet.

(Vim) n. [L., accusative of vis strength.] Power; force; energy; spirit; activity; vigor. [Colloq.]

(||Vi"men) n. [L., a twig.] (Bot.) A long, slender, flexible shoot or branch.

(Vim"i*nal) a. [L. viminalis pertaining to osiers, fr. vimen a pliant twig, osier.] Of or pertaining to twigs; consisting of twigs; producing twigs.

(Vi*min"e*ous) a. [L. vimineus, fr. vimen pliant twig.]

1. Of or pertaining to twigs; made of pliant twigs. "In the hive's vimineous dome." Prior.

2. (Bot.) Producing long, slender twigs or shoots.

(Vi*na"ceous) a. [L. vinaceus. See Vine.]

1. Belonging to, or like, wine or grapes.

2. Of the color of wine, especially of red wine.

(Vin`ai*grette") n. [F., fr. vinaigre vinegar.]

1. (Cookery) A sauce, made of vinegar, oil, and other ingredients, — used esp. for cold meats.

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