Village cart, a kind of two-wheeled pleasure carriage without a top.

Syn. — See Base.

Vile"ly, adv.Vile"ness, n.

(Viled) a. [See Vild.] Abusive; scurrilous; defamatory; vile. [Obs.] "Viled speeches." Hayward.

(Vil"eyns) a. [See Villain.] Villainous. [Obs.] "Vileyns sinful deeds make a churl." Chaucer.

(Vil`i*fi*ca"tion) n. The act of vilifying or defaming; abuse. South.

(Vil"i*fi`er) n. One who vilifies or defames.

(Vil"i*fy) v. t. [imp. & p. p. Vilified ; p. pr. & vb. n. Vilifying.] [L. vilis vile + -fly; cf. L. vilificare to esteem of little value.]

1. To make vile; to debase; to degrade; to disgrace. [R.]

When themselves they vilified
To serve ungoverned appetite.

2. To degrade or debase by report; to defame; to traduce; to calumniate. I. Taylor.

Many passions dispose us to depress and vilify the merit of one rising in the esteem of mankind.

3. To treat as vile; to despise. [Obs.]

I do vilify your censure.
Beau. & Fl.

(Vil"i*pend) v. t. [L. vilipendere; vilis vile + pendere to weigh, to value: cf. F. vilipender.] To value lightly; to depreciate; to slight; to despise.

To vilipend the art of portrait painting.

(Vil"i*pend"en*cy) n. Disesteem; slight; disparagement. [R.] E. Waterhouse.

(Vil"i*ty) n. [L. vilitas: cf. F. vileté, vilité, OF. vilté.] Vileness; baseness. [Obs.] Kennet.

(Vill) n. [OF. ville, vile, a village, F. ville a town, city. See Villa.] A small collection of houses; a village. "Every manor, town, or vill." Sir M. Hale.

Not should e'er the crested fowl
From thorp or vill his matins sound for me.

A word of various significations in English, law; as, a manor; a tithing; a town; a township; a parish; a part of a parish; a village. The original meaning of vill, in England, seems to have been derived from the Roman sense of the term villa, a single country residence or farm; a manor. Later, the term was applied only to a collection of houses more than two, and hence came to comprehend towns. Burrill. The statute of Exeter, 14 Edward I., mentions entire- vills, demivills, and hamlets.

(Vil"la) n.; pl. Villas [L. villa, LL. also village, dim. of L. vicus a village: cf. It. & F. villa. See Vicinity, and cf. Vill, Village, Villain.] A country seat; a country or suburban residence of some pretensions to elegance. Dryden. Cowper.

(Vil"lage) n. [F., fr. L. villaticus belonging to a country house or villa. See Villa, and cf. Villatic.] A small assemblage of houses in the country, less than a town or city.

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