(||Vi*del"i*cet) adv. [L., contr. fr. videre licet, literally, it is easy to see, one may or can see.] To wit; namely; — often abbreviated to viz.

(Vi*dette") n. (Mil.) Same Vedette.

(Vi*do"ni*a) n. [Cf. Pg. vidonho the quality of grapes, Sp. veduño.] A dry white wine, of a tart flavor, produced in Teneriffe; — called also Teneriffe.

(Vid"u*age) n. [See Vidual.] The state of widows or of widowhood; also, widows, collectively.

(Vid"u*al) a. [L. vidualis, fr. vidua a widow, fr. viduus widowed. See Widow.] Of or pertaining to the state of a widow; widowed. [R.] Jer. Taylor.

(Vid`u*a"tion) n. The state of being widowed or bereaved; loss; bereavement. [R.]

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