of the direction of a magnetic needle from the true north and south line; — called also declination of the needle.

Syn. — Change; vicissitude; variety; deviation.

(Var`i*cel"la) n. [NL., dim. of LL. variola smallpox.] (Med.) Chicken pox.

(||Var"i*ces) n. pl. See Varix.

(Va*ric"i*form) a. [Varix + - form.] (Med.) Resembling a varix.

(Var"i*co*cele) n. [Varix a dilated vein + Gr. tumor: cf. F. varicocèle.] (Med.) A varicose enlargement of the veins of the spermatic cord; also, a like enlargement of the veins of the scrotum.

(Var"i*cose`) a. [L. varicosus, from varix, -icis, a dilated vein; cf. varus bent, stretched, crooked.]

1. Irregularly swollen or enlarged; affected with, or containing, varices, or varicosities; of or pertaining to varices, or varicosities; as, a varicose nerve fiber; a varicose vein; varicose ulcers.

2. (Med.) Intended for the treatment of varicose veins; — said of elastic stockings, bandages. and the like.

(Var`i*cos"i*ty) n.

1. The quality or state of being varicose.

2. An enlargement or swelling in a vessel, fiber, or the like; a varix; as, the varicosities of nerve fibers.

(Var"i*cous) a. Varicose. [Obs.]

(Va"ried) a. Changed; altered; various; diversified; as, a varied experience; varied interests; varied scenery.Va"ried*ly, adv.

The varied fields of science, ever new.

(Va"ri*e*gate) v. t. [imp. & p. p. Variegated ; p. pr. & vb. n. Variegating.] [L. variegatus, p. p. of variegare to variegate; varius various + agere to move, make. See Various, and Agent.] To diversify in external appearance; to mark with different colors; to dapple; to streak; as, to variegate a floor with marble of different colors.

The shells are filled with a white spar, which variegates and adds to the beauty of the stone.

(Va"ri*e*ga`ted) a. Having marks or patches of different colors; as, variegated leaves, or flowers.

Ladies like variegated tulips show.

(Va`ri*e*ga"tion) n. The act of variegating or diversifying, or the state of being diversified, by different colors; diversity of colors.

(Va"ri*er) n. [From Vary.] A wanderer; one who strays in search of variety. [Poetic]

Pious variers from the church.

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