Syn. — Diversity; difference; kind. — Variety, Diversity. A man has a variety of employments when he does many things which are not a mere repetition of the same act; he has a diversity of employments when the several acts performed are unlike each other, that is, diverse. In most cases, where there is variety there will be more or less of diversity, but not always. One who sells railroad tickets performs a great variety of acts in a day, while there is but little diversity in his employment.

All sorts are here that all the earth yields!
Variety without end.

But see in all corporeal nature's scene,
What changes, what diversities, have been!

(Va"ri*form) a. [L. varius various + -form.] Having different shapes or forms.

(Va"ri*formed) a. Formed with different shapes; having various forms; variform.

(Va"ri*fy) v. t. [L. varius various + -fly.] To make different; to vary; to variegate. [R.] Sylvester.

(Va*ri"o*la) n. [LL., fr. L. varius various. See Various.] (Med.) The smallpox.

(Va*ri"o*lar) a. (Med.) Variolous.

(Va`ri*o*la"tion) n. (Med.) Inoculation with smallpox.

(Va`ri*ol"ic) a. (Med.) Variolous.

(Va"ri*o*lite) n. [L. varius various + -lite: cf. F. variolite.] (Geol.) A kind of diorite or diabase containing imbedded whitish spherules, which give the rock a spotted appearance.

(Va`ri*o*lit"ic) a. [From Variola.]

1. Thickly marked with small, round specks; spotted.

2. (Geol.) Of, pertaining to, or resembling, variolite.

(Va"ri*o*loid) a. [Variola + -oid: cf. F. varioloïde.] (Med.) Resembling smallpox; pertaining to the disease called varioloid.

(Va"ri*o*loid), n. [Cf. F. varioloïde. See Varioloid, a.] (Med.) The smallpox as modified by previous inoculation or vaccination.

It is almost always a milder disease than smallpox, and this circumstance, with its shorter duration, exhibits the salutary effects of previous vaccination or inoculation. Dunglison.

(Va*ri"o*lous) a. [LL. variolosus, fr. variola the smallpox: cf. F. varioleux.] (Med.) Of or pertaining to the smallpox; having pits, or sunken impressions, like those of the smallpox; variolar; variolic.

(||Va`ri*o"rum) a. [L., abbrev. fr. cum notis variorum with notes of various persons.] Containing notes by different persons; — applied to a publication; as, a variorum edition of a book.

(Va"ri*ous) a. [L. varius. Cf. Vair.]

1. Different; diverse; several; manifold; as, men of various names; various occupations; various colors.

So many and so various laws are given.

A wit as various, gay, grave, sage, or wild.

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