Tweag to Twine

(Tweag) v. t. To tweak. [Obs.]

(Tweag, Tweague), n. A pinching condition; perplexity; trouble; distress. [Obs. or Prov. Eng.]

This put the old fellow in a rare tweague.

(Tweak) v. t. [OE. twikken, originally the same word as twicchen; cf. LG. twikken. See Twitch.] To pinch and pull with a sudden jerk and twist; to twitch; as, to tweak the nose. Shak.

(Tweak), n.

1. A sharp pinch or jerk; a twist or twitch; as, a tweak of the nose. Swift.

2. Trouble; distress; tweag. [Obs.]

3. A prostitute. [Obs.] Brathwait.

(Tweed) n. [Probably a corruption of twills. See Twill.] A soft and flexible fabric for men's wear, made wholly of wool except in some inferior kinds, the wool being dyed, usually in two colors, before weaving.

(Twee"dle) v. t. [Cf. Twiddle.] [Written also twidle.]

1. To handle lightly; — said with reference to awkward fiddling; hence, to influence as if by fiddling; to coax; to allure.

A fiddler brought in with him a body of lusty young fellows, whom he had tweedled into the service.

2. To twist. [Prov. Eng.] Halliwell.

(Tweel) n. & v. See Twill.

(Tweer) n. Same as Tuyère.

(Tweese, Tweeze) n. [OE. tweeze, tweese, fr. F. étuis, pl. of étui a case, sheath, box; probably of Teutonic origin; cf. MNG. stuche a wide sleeve in which articles could be carried, OHG. stuhha, G. stauche a short and narrow muff. Cf Etui, Tweezers.] A surgeon's case of instruments. Howell.

(Twee"zers) n. pl. [See Tweese.] Small pinchers used to pluck out hairs, and for other purposes.

(Twelfth) a. [For twelft, OE. twelfte, AS. twelfta. See Twelve.]

1. Next in order after the eleventh; coming after eleven others; — the ordinal of twelve.

2. Consisting, or being one of, twelve equal parts into which anything is divided.

(Twelfth), n.

1. The quotient of a unit divided by twelve; one of twelve equal parts of one whole.

2. The next in order after the eleventh.

3. (Mus.) An interval comprising an octave and a fifth.

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