Twelve-men's morris. See the Note under Morris.Twelve Tables. (Rom. Antiq.) See under Table.

(Twelve), n.

1. The number next following eleven; the sum of ten and two, or of twice six; twelve units or objects; a dozen.

2. A symbol representing twelve units, as 12, or xii.

The Twelve(Script.), the twelve apostles. Matt. xxvi. 20.

(Twelve"mo) a. & n. See Duodecimo.

(Twelve"month) n. A year which consists of twelve calendar months.

I shall laugh at this a twelvemonth hence.

(Twelve"pence) n. A shilling sterling, being about twenty-four cents.

(Twelve"pen*ny) a. Sold for a shilling; worth or costing a shilling.

(Twelve"score`) n. & a. Twelve times twenty; two hundred and forty.

(Twen"ti*eth) a. [From Twenty; cf. AS. twentigoa. See Twenty.]

1. Next in order after the nineteenth; tenth after the tenth; coming after nineteen others; — the ordinal of twenty.

2. Consisting, or being, one of twenty equal parts into which anything is divided.

(Twen"ti*eth), n.

1. The next in order after the nineteen; one coming after nineteen others.

2. The quotient of a unit divided by twenty; one of twenty equal parts of one whole.

(Twen"ty) a. [OE. twenty, AS. twntig, twentig; akin to OFris. twintich, OS. twntig, D. & LG. twintig, OHG. zweinzug, G. zwanzig, Goth. twai tigjis; that is, two tens. See Twain, Two, and Ten.]

(Twelfth"-cake`) n. An ornamented cake distributed among friends or visitors on the festival of Twelfth-night.

(Twelfth"-day`) n. See Twelfthtide.

(Twelfth"-night`) n. The evening of Epiphany, or the twelfth day after Christmas, observed as a festival by various churches.

(Twelfth"-sec`ond) n. (Physics) A unit for the measurement of small intervals of time, such that 1012 (ten trillion) of these units make one second.

(Twelfth"tide`) n. The twelfth day after Christmas; Epiphany; — called also Twelfth-day.

(Twelve) a. [OE. twelve, twelf, AS. twelf; akin to OFries. twelf, twelef, twilif, OS. twelif, D. twaalf, G. zwölf, OHG. zwelif, Icel. tlf, Sw. tolf, Dan. tolv, Goth. twalif, from the root of E. two + the same element as in the second part of E. eleven. See Two, and Eleven.] One more that eleven; two and ten; twice six; a dozen.

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