Twin boat, or Twin ship(Naut.), a vessel whose deck and upper works rest on two parallel hulls. Twin crystal. See Twin, n., 4.Twin flower(Bot.), a delicate evergreen plant (Linnæa borealis) of northern climates, which has pretty, fragrant, pendulous flowers borne in pairs on a slender stalk. Twin-screw steamer, a steam vessel propelled by two screws, one on either side of the plane of the keel.

(Twin), n.

1. One of two produced at a birth, especially by an animal that ordinarily brings forth but one at a birth; — used chiefly in the plural, and applied to the young of beasts as well as to human young.

2. faint light; a dubious or uncertain medium through which anything is viewed.

As when the sun . . . from behind the moon,
In dim eclipse, disastrous twilight sheds.

The twilight of probability.

(Twi"light`), a.

1. Seen or done by twilight. Milton.

2. Imperfectly illuminated; shaded; obscure.

O'er the twilight groves and dusky caves.

(Twill) v. i. [imp. & p. p. Twilled ; p. pr. & vb. n. Twilling.] [Scotch tweel; probably from LG. twillen to make double, from twi- two; akin to AS. twi-, E. twi- in twilight. See Twice, and cf. Tweed, Tweel.] To weave, as cloth, so as to produce the appearance of diagonal lines or ribs on the surface.

(Twill), n. [Scotch tweel. See Twill, v. t.]

1. An appearance of diagonal lines or ribs produced in textile fabrics by causing the weft threads to pass over one and under two, or over one and under three or more, warp threads, instead of over one and under the next in regular succession, as in plain weaving.

2. A fabric women with a twill.

3. [Perhaps fr. guill.] A quill, or spool, for yarn.

(Twil"ly) n. [C. Willy.] A machine for cleansing or loosening wool by the action of a revolving cylinder covered with long iron spikes or teeth; a willy or willying machine; — called also twilly devil, and devil. See Devil, n., 6, and Willy. Tomlinson.

(Twilt) n. [See Quilt.] A quilt. [Prov. Eng.]

(Twin) a. [OE. twin double, AS. getwinne two and two, pl., twins; akin to D. tweeling a twin, G. zwilling, OHG. zwiniling, Icel. tvennr, tvinnr, two and two, twin, and to AS. twi- two. See Twice, Two.]

1. Being one of two born at a birth; as, a twin brother or sister.

2. Being one of a pair much resembling one another; standing the relation of a twin to something else; — often followed by to or with. Shak.

3. (Bot.) Double; consisting of two similar and corresponding parts.

4. (Crystallog.) Composed of parts united according to some definite law of twinning. See Twin, n., 4.

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