Trapdoor spider(Zoöl.), any one of several species of large spiders which make a nest consisting of a vertical hole in the earth, lined with a hinged lid, like a trapdoor. Most of the species belong to the genus Cteniza, as the California species

(Trape) v. i. [See Tramp, and cf. Traipse.] To walk or run about in an idle or slatternly manner; to traipse. [Obs. or Colloq.]

(Trapes) n. [See Trape.] A slattern; an idle, sluttish, or untidy woman. [Obs. or Colloq.]

(Trapes), v. i. To go about in an idle or slatternly fashion; to trape; to traipse. [Colloq.] Thackeray.

(Trap"e*zate) a. [See Trapezium.] Having the form of a trapezium; trapeziform.

(Tra*peze") n. [Cf. F. trapèze.]

1. (Geom.) A trapezium. See Trapezium, 1.

2. A swinging horizontal bar, suspended at each end by a rope; — used by gymnasts.

(Tra*pe"zi*form) a. [Trapezium + -form: cf. F. trapéziforme.] Having the form of a trapezium; trapezoid.

(Tra*pe"zi*um) n.; pl. E. Trapeziums L. Trapezia [NL., fr. Gr. a little table, an irregular four-sided figure, dim. of a table, for (see Tetra-) + foot, akin to foot; hence, originally, a table with four feet. See Foot.]

1. (Geom.) A plane figure bounded by four right lines, of which no two are parallel.

2. (Anat.) (a) A bone of the carpus at the base of the first metacarpal, or thumb. (b) A region on the ventral side of the brain, either just back of the pons Varolii, or, as in man, covered by the posterior extension of its transverse fibers.

(Trap`e*zo*he"dral) a. Of, pertaining to, or resembling, a trapezohedron.

(Trap`e*zo*he"dron) n. [NL., from trapezium + Gr. seat, base, fr. to sit.] (Crystalloq.) (a) A solid bounded by twenty- four equal and similar trapeziums; a tetragonal trisoctahedron. See the Note under Trisoctahedron. (b) A tetartohedral solid of the hexagonal system, bounded by six trapezoidal planes. The faces of this form are common on quartz crystals.

(Trap"e*zoid) n. [Gr. trapezoid- shaped; table + shape, likeness: cf. F. trapézoïde. See Trapezium.]

1. (Geom.) A plane four-sided figure, having two sides parallel to each other.

2. (Anat.) A bone of the carpus at the base of the second metacarpal, or index finger.

(Trap"e*zoid), a.

1. Having the form of a trapezoid; trapezoidal; as, the trapezoid ligament which connects the coracoid process and the clavicle.

2. (Anat.) Of or pertaining to the trapezoid ligament; as, the trapezoid line.

(Trap`e*zoid"al) a. [Cf. F. trapézoïdal.]

1. (Arch.) A lifting or sliding door covering an opening in a roof or floor.

2. (Mining) A door in a level for regulating the ventilating current; — called also weather door. Raymond.

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