Transom knees(Shipbuilding), knees bolted to the transoms and after timbers.Transom window. (Arch.) (a) A window divided horizontally by a transom or transoms. (b) A window over a door, with a transom between.

(Trans"pa*dane`) a. [L. transpadanus; trans across + Padus the Po.] Lying or being on the further side of the river Po with reference to Rome, that is, on the north side; — opposed to cispadane.

(Trans*pal"a*tine) a. [Pref. trans- + palatine.] (Anat.) Situated beyond or outside the palatine bone; — said of a bone in the skull of some reptiles.

(Trans*pare") v. t. & i. [See Transparent.] To be, or cause to be, transparent; to appear, or cause to appear, or be seen, through something. [Obs.] Stirling.

(Trans*par"ence) n. [Cf. F. transparence.] The quality or state of being transparent; transparency.

(Trans*par"en*cy) n.; pl. Transparencies [Cf. F. transparence.]

1. The quality or condition of being transparent; transparence.

2. That which is transparent; especially, a picture painted on thin cloth or glass, or impressed on porcelain, or the like, to be viewed by natural or artificial light, which shines through it. Fairholt.

(Trans*par"ent) a. [F., from LL. transparens, -entis, p. pr. of transparere to be transparent; L. trans across, through + parere to appear. See Appear.]

1. Having the property of transmitting rays of light, so that bodies can be distinctly seen through; pervious to light; diaphanous; pellucid; as, transparent glass; a transparent diamond; — opposed to opaque. "Transparent elemental air." Milton.

2. Admitting the passage of light; open; porous; as, a transparent veil. Dryden.

Syn. — Translucent; pellucid; clear; bright; limpid; lucid; diaphanous. See Translucent.

Trans*par"ent*ly, adv.Trans*par"ent*ness, n.

Transmutual to Transversal

(Trans*mu"tu*al) a. [Pref. trans + mutual.] Reciprocal; commutual. [R.] Coleridge.

(Trans`na*ta"tion) n. [L. transnatare to swim over; trans across, over + natare to swim.] The act of swimming across, as a river.

(Trans*na"ture) v. t. [Pref. trans- + nature.] To transfer or transform the nature of. [Obs.]

We are transelemented, or transnatured.

(Tran"som) n. [Probably fr. L. transtrum a crossbeam, transom, from trans across. Cf. Trestle.]

1. (Arch.) A horizontal crossbar in a window, over a door, or between a door and a window above it. Transom is the horizontal, as mullion is the vertical, bar across an opening. See Illust. of Mullion.

2. (Naut.) One of the principal transverse timbers of the stern, bolted to the sternpost and giving shape to the stern structure; — called also transsummer.

3. (Gun.) The piece of wood or iron connecting the cheeks of some gun carriages.

4. (Surg.) The vane of a cross-staff. Chambers.

5. (Railroad) One of the crossbeams connecting the side frames of a truck with each other.

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