Fan training(Hort.), the operation of training fruit trees, grapevines, etc., so that the branches shall radiate from the stem like a fan.Horizontal training(Hort.), the operation of training fruit trees, grapevines, etc., so that the branches shall spread out laterally in a horizontal direction.Training college. See Normal school, under Normal, a.Training day, a day on which a military company assembles for drill or parade. [U. S.] — Training ship, a vessel on board of which boys are trained as sailors.

Syn. — See Education.

Train oil
(Train" oil`) [D. or LG. traan train oil, blubber (cf. Dan. & Sw. tran, G. thran) + E. oil.] Oil procured from the blubber or fat of whales, by boiling.

(Train"y) a. Belonging to train oil. [Obs.] Gay.

(Traipse) v. i. [Cf. G. trapsen, trappsen, trappen, to tread noisily, to walk stamping. See Trample, Trape.] To walk or run about in a slatternly, careless, or thoughtless manner. [Colloq.] Pope.

(Trais Trays), n. pl. Traces. [Obs.]

Four white bulls in the trays.

(Trait) n. [F., fr. L. tractus, fr. trahere to draw. See Trace, v., and cf. Tract a region, Trace a strap, Tret.]

1. A stroke; a touch.

By this single trait Homer makes an essential difference between the Iliad and Odyssey.

2. A distinguishing or marked feature; a peculiarity; as, a trait of character.

Formerly pronounced tra, as in French, and still so pronounced to some extent in England.

obviously more appropriate, and is prevailing more and more among Americans, to the exclusion of the cars.

(Train"a*ble) a. Capable of being trained or educated; as, boys trainable to virtue. Richardson.

(Train"band`) n.; pl. Trainbands A band or company of an organized military force instituted by James I. and dissolved by Charles II.; — afterwards applied to the London militia. [Eng.]

He felt that, without some better protection than that of the trainbands and Beefeaters, his palace and person would hardly be secure.

A trainband captain eke was he
Of famous London town.

(Train"bear`er) n. One who holds up a train, as of a robe.

(Train"el) n. [OF.] A dragnet. [Obs.] Holland.

(Train"er) n.

1. One who trains; an instructor; especially, one who trains or prepares men, horses, etc., for exercises requiring physical agility and strength.

2. A militiaman when called out for exercise or discipline. [U. S.] Bartlett.

(Train"ing), n. The act of one who trains; the act or process of exercising, disciplining, etc.; education.

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