Eduction pipe, &and Eduction port. See Exhaust pipe and Exhaust port, under Exhaust, a.

(E*duc"tive) a. Tending to draw out; extractive.

(E*duc"tor) n. [L., tutor.] One who, or that which, brings forth, elicits, or extracts.

Stimulus must be called an eductor of vital ether.
E. Darwin.

(E*dul"co*rant) a. [See Edulcorate.] Having a tendency to purify or to sweeten by removing or correcting acidity and acrimony.

and fit for any calling or business by systematic instruction; to cultivate; to train; to instruct; as, to educate a child; to educate the eye or the taste.

Syn. — To develop; instruct; teach; inform; enlighten; edify; bring up; train; breed; rear; discipline; indoctrinate.

(Ed"u*ca`ted) a. Formed or developed by education; as, an educated man.

(Ed`u*ca"tion) n. [L. educatio; cf. F. éducation.] The act or process of educating; the result of educating, as determined by the knowledge skill, or discipline of character, acquired; also, the act or process of training by a prescribed or customary course of study or discipline; as, an education for the bar or the pulpit; he has finished his education.

To prepare us for complete living is the function which education has to discharge.
H. Spenser.

Syn.Education, Instruction, Teaching, Training, Breeding. Education, properly a drawing forth, implies not so much the communication of knowledge as the discipline of the intellect, the establishment of the principles, and the regulation of the heart. Instruction is that part of education which furnishes the mind with knowledge. Teaching is the same, being simply more familiar. It is also applied to practice; as, teaching to speak a language; teaching a dog to do tricks. Training is a department of education in which the chief element is exercise or practice for the purpose of imparting facility in any physical or mental operation. Breeding commonly relates to the manners and outward conduct.

(Ed`u*ca"tion*al) a. Of or pertaining to education. "His educational establishment." J. H. Newman.

(Ed`u*ca"tion*ist), n. One who is versed in the theories of, or who advocates and promotes, education.

(Ed"u*ca*tive) a. [Cf. F. éducatif.] Tending to educate; that gives education; as, an educative process; an educative experience.

(Ed"u*ca`tor) n. [L.] One who educates; a teacher.

(E*duce") v. t. [imp. & p. p. Educed ; p. pr. & vb. n. Educing ] [L. educere; e out + ducere to lead. See Duke.] To bring or draw out; to cause to appear; to produce against counter agency or influence; to extract; to evolve; as, to educe a form from matter.

The eternal art educing good from ill.

They want to educe and cultivate what is best and noblest in themselves.
M. Arnold.

(E*du"ci*ble) a. Capable of being educed.

(E"duct) n. [L. eductum, fr. educere.] That which is educed, as by analysis. Sir W. Hamilton.

(E*duc"tion) n. [L. eductio.] The act of drawing out or bringing into view.

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