Oath supremacy, an oath which acknowledges the supremacy of the sovereign in spiritual affairs, and renounced or abjures the supremacy of the pope in ecclesiastical or temporal affairs. [Eng.] Brande & C.

(Su*preme") a. [L. supremus, superlative of superus that is above, upper, fr. super above: cf. F. suprême. See Super-, and cf. Sum.]

1. Highest in authority; holding the highest place in authority, government, or power.

He that is the supreme King of kings.

2. Highest; greatest; most excellent or most extreme; utmost; greatist possible (sometimes in a bad sense); as, supreme love; supreme glory; supreme magnanimity; supreme folly.

Each would be supreme within its own sphere, and those spheres could not but clash.
De Quincey.

3. (Bot.) Situated at the highest part or point.

The Supreme, the Almighty; God.

(Su*preme"ly), adv. In a supreme manner.

(Su*prem"i*ty) n. [Cf. LL. supremitas.] Supremacy. [Obs.] Fuller.

(Sur-). [F. sur over, above, contr. fr. L. super, supra. See Super-.] A prefix signifying over, above, beyond, upon.

(||Su"ra) n. [Ar., a step, a degree.] One of the sections or chapters of the Koran, which are one hundred and fourteen in number.

(Su`ra*dan"ni) n. A valuable kind of wood obtained on the shores of the Demerara River in South America, much used for timbers, rails, naves and fellies of wheels, and the like.

(Sur`ad*di"tion) n. [F.] Something added or appended, as to a name. [Obs.] Shak.

(Su`pra*ster"nal) a. (Anat.) Situated above, or anterior to, the sternum.

(Su`pra*tem"po*ral) a. (Anat.) Situated above the temporal bone or temporal fossa. n. A supratemporal bone.

(Su`pra*troch"le*ar) a. (Anat.) Situated over or above a trochlea or trochlear surface; — applied esp. to one of the subdivisions of the trigeminal nerve.

(Su`pra*vag"i*nal) a. (Anat.) Situated above or outside a sheath or vaginal membrane.

(Su`pra*vi"sion) n. Supervision. [Obs.]

(Su`pra*vis"or) n. A supervisor. [Obs.]

(Su`pra*vul"gar) a. Being above the vulgar or common people. [R.] Collier.

(Su*prem"a*cy) n. [Cf. F. suprématie. See Supreme.] The state of being supreme, or in the highest station of power; highest or supreme authority or power; as, the supremacy of a king or a parliament.

The usurped power of the pope being destroyed, the crown was restored to its supremacy over spiritual men and causes.

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