Sultan flower. (Bot.) See Sweet sultan, under Sweet.

(Sul*ta"na) n. [It.]

1. The wife of a sultan; a sultaness.

2. pl. A kind of seedless raisin produced near Smyrna in Asiatic Turkey.

Sultana bird(Zoöl.), the hyacinthine, or purple, gallinule. See Illust. under Gallinule.

(Sul"tan*ate) n. [Cf. F. sultanat.] The rule or dominion of a sultan; sultanship.

(Sul"tan*ess) n. A sultana.

(Sul*tan"ic) a. Pertaining to a sultan.

(Sul"tan-red`) a. Having a deep red color.

(Sul"tan*ry) n. The dominions of a sultan. Bacon.

(Sul"tan*ship), n. The office or dignity of a sultan.

(Sul"tan*y) n. Sultanry. [Obs.] Fuller.

(Sul"tri*ly) adv. In a sultry manner.

(Sul"tri*ness), n. The quality or state of being sultry.

(Sul"try) a. [Compar. Sultrier ; superl. Sultriest.] [From Sweltry.]

1. Very hot, burning, and oppressive; as, Libya's sultry deserts.

Such as, born beneath the burning sky
And sultry sun, betwixt the tropics lie.

2. Very hot and moist, or hot, close, stagnant, and oppressive, as air.

When in the sultry glebe I faint,
Or on the thirsty mountain plant.

(Sum) n. [OE. summe, somme, OF. sume, some, F. somme, L. summa, fr. summus highest, a superlative from sub under. See Sub-, and cf. Supreme.]

by a base (as potassium sulphydrate, KSH), or as a hydrate in which the oxygen has been wholly or partially replaced by sulphur.

(Sul*phy"dric) a. (Chem.) Of, pertaining to, or designating, hydrogen sulphide, which is regarded as an acid, especially when in solution.

(Sul*pi"cian) n. [So called after the parish of St. Sulpice in Paris, of which the founder, Jean Jacques Olier, was pastor in 1643.] (R. C. Ch.) One of an order of priests established in France in 1642 to educate men for the ministry. The order was introduced soon afterwards into Canada, and in 1791 into the United States. [Written also Sulpitian.]

(Sul"tan) n. [F. sultan (cf. Sp. soldan, It. sultano, soldano), Ar. sultan sultan, dominion. Cf. Soldan.] A ruler, or sovereign, of a Mohammedan state; specifically, the ruler of the Turks; the Padishah, or Grand Seignior; — officially so called.

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