Superb paradise bird(Zoöl.), a bird of paradise (Paradisæa, or Lophorina, superba) having the scapulars erectile, and forming a large ornamental tuft on each shoulder, and a large gorget of brilliant feathers on the breast. The color is deep violet, or nearly black, with brilliant green reflections. The gorget is bright metallic green.Superb warber. (Zoöl.) See Blue wren, under Wren.

Su*perb"ly, adv.Su*perb"ness, n.

(Su*per"bi*ate) v. t. [Cf. L. superbiare.] To make (a person) haughty. [Obs. & R.] Feltham.

(Su`per*car"bon*ate) n. (Chem.) A bicarbonate. [Obsoles.]

(Su`per*car"bu*ret`ed) a. (Chem.) Bicarbureted. [Written also supercarburetted.] [Obsoles.]

(Su`per*car"go) n. [Super- + cargo: cf. Sp. sobrecargo. Cf. Surcharge.] An officer or person in a merchant ship, whose duty is to manage the sales, and superintend the commercial concerns, of the voyage.

(Su`per*car"pal) a. (Anat.) Situated above, or in the upper part of, the carpus.

(Su`per*ce*les"tial) a. [Pref. super- + celestial: cf. L. supercaelestis.]

1. Situated above the firmament, or great vault of heaven. Waterland.

2. Higher than celestial; superangelic.

(Su`per*charge") v. t. [imp. & p. p. Supercharged ; p. pr. & vb. n. Supercharging ] [Pref. super- + charge. Cf. Surcharge.] (Her.) To charge (a bearing) upon another bearing; as, to supercharge a rose upon a fess.

(Su`per*charge") n. (Her.) A bearing charged upon another bearing. [R.]

(Su`per*chem"ic*al) a. Above or beyond chemistry; inexplicable by chemical laws. J. Le Conte.

(Su*perch"er*y) n. [F. supercherie.] Deceit; fraud; imposition. [Obs. & R.]

(Su`per*cil"i*a*ry) a. [L. supercilium an eyebrow. See Supercilious.]

1. Of or pertaining to the eyebrows; supraorbital.

2. (Zoöl.) Having a distinct streak of color above the eyes; as, the superciliary woodpecker.

Superannuation to Superintend

(Su`per*an`nu*a"tion) n. The state of being superannuated, or too old for office or business; the state of being disqualified by old age; decrepitude.

The world itself is in a state of superannuation.

Slyness blinking through the watery eye of superannuation.

(Su*perb") a. [F. superbe, L. superbus, fr. super over. See Super-.]

1. Grand; magnificent; august; stately; as, a superb edifice; a superb colonnade.

2. Rich; elegant; as, superb furniture or decorations.

3. Showy; excellent; grand; as, a superb exhibition.

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