Works of supererogation(R. C. Ch.), those good deeds believed to have been performed by saints, or capable of being performed by men, over and above what is required for their own salvation.

(Su`per*e*rog"a*tive) a. Supererogatory.

(Su`per*cil"i*ous) a. [L. superciliosus, fr. supercilium an eyebrow, pride; super over, + cilium an eyelid; probably akin to celare to conceal. Cf. Conceal.] Lofty with pride; haughty; dictatorial; overbearing; arrogant; as, a supercilious officer; asupercilious air; supercilious behavior.Su`per*cil"i*ous*ly, adv.Su`per*cil"i*ous*ness, n.

(||Su`per*cil"i*um) n. [L.] (Zoöl.) The eyebrow, or the region of the eyebrows.

(Su`per*co*lum`ni*a"tion) n. (Arch.) The putting of one order above another; also, an architectural work produced by this method; as, the putting of the Doric order in the ground story, Ionic above it, and Corinthian or Composite above this.

(Su`per*con*cep"tion) n. (Physiol.) Superfetation. [R.] Sir T. Browne.

(Su`per*con"se*quence) n. Remote consequence. [Obs.] Sir T. Browne.

(Su`per*cres"cence) n. [See Supercrescent.] That which grows upon another growing thing; a parasite. [R.] Sir T. Browne.

(Su`per*cres"cent) a. [L. supercrescens, p. pr. of supercrescere; super above + crescere to grow.] Growing on some other growing thing. [R.] Johnson.

(Su`per*cre*ta"ceous) a. (Geol.) Same as Supracretaceous.

(Su`per*cu"ri*ous) a. Excessively curious or inquisitive. Evelyn.

(Su`per*dom"i*nant) n. (Mus.) The sixth tone of the scale; that next above the dominant; — called also submediant.

(Su`per*em"i*nence Su`per*em"i*nen*cy) n. [L. supereminentia.] The quality or state of being supereminent; distinguished eminence; as, the supereminence of Cicero as an orator, or Lord Chatham as a statesman. Ayliffe.

He was not forever beset with the consciousness of his own supereminence.
Prof. Wilson.

(Su`per*em"i*nent) a. [L. supereminens, p. pr. of supereminere. See Super-, and Eminent.] Eminent in a superior degree; surpassing others in excellence; as, a supereminent divine; the supereminent glory of Christ.Su`per*em"i*nent*ly, adv.

(Su`per*er"o*gant) a. [L. supererogans, p. pr. See Supererogate.] Supererogatory. [Obs.]

(Su`per*er"o*gate) v. i. [imp. & p. p. Supererogated ; p. pr. & vb. n. Supererogating.] [L. supererogatus, p. p. of supererogare to spend or pay out over and above; super over, above + erogare to expend or pay out money from the public treasury after asking the consent of the people. See Super-, and Erogate, Rogation.] To do more than duty requires; to perform works of supererogation; to atone (for a dificiency in another) by means of a surplus action or quality.

The fervency of one man in prayer can not supererogate for the coldness of another.

(Su`per*er`o*ga"tion) n. [L. supererogatio a payment in addition.] The act of supererogating; performance of more than duty or necessity requires.

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