Sunset shell(Zoöl.), a West Indian marine bivalve (Tellina radiata) having a smooth shell marked with radiating bands of varied colors resembling those seen at sunset or before sunrise; — called also rising sun.

(Sun"shade`) n. Anything used as a protection from the sun's rays. Specifically: (a) A small parasol. (b) An awning.

(Sun"shine`) n.

1. The light of the sun, or the place where it shines; the direct rays of the sun, the place where they fall, or the warmth and light which they give.

But all sunshine, as when his beams at noon
Culminate from the equator.

2. Anything which has a warming and cheering influence like that of the rays of the sun; warmth; illumination; brightness.

That man that sits within a monarch's heart,
And ripens in the sunshine of his favor.

(Sun"shine`) a. Sunshiny; bright. Shak. "Sunshine hours." Keble.

(Sun"shin`y) a.

1. Bright with the rays of the sun; clear, warm, or pleasant; as, a sunshiny day.

2. Bright like the sun; resplendent.

Flashing beams of that sunshiny shield.

3. Beaming with good spirits; cheerful. "Her sunshiny face." Spenser.

(Sun"squall`) n. (Zoöl.) Any large jellyfish.

Sun star
(Sun" star`) (Zoöl.) See Sun star, under Sun.

(Sun"sted) n. [Sun + stead a place.] Solstice. [Obs.] "The summer sunsted." Holland.

(Sun"stone`) n. (Med.) Aventurine feldspar. See under Aventurine.

(Sun"stroke`) n. (Med.) Any affection produced by the action of the sun on some part of the body; especially, a sudden prostration of the physical powers, with symptoms resembling those of apoplexy, occasioned by exposure to excessive heat, and often terminating fatally; coup de soleil.

(Sun"-struck`) a. (Med.) Overcome by, or affected with, sunstroke; as, sun-struck soldiers.

(Sun"up`) n. Sunrise. [Local, U.S.]

Such a horse as that might get over a good deal of ground atwixt sunup and sundown.

(Sun"ward) adv. Toward the sun.

1. The descent of the sun below the horizon; also, the time when the sun sets; evening. Also used figuratively.

'T is the sunset of life gives me mystical lore.

2. Hence, the region where the sun sets; the west.

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