1. Subtraction; deduction. [Obs.]

2. (Law) See Subtraction, 3.

(Sub*stract"or) n.

1. One who subtracts.

2. A detractor; a slanderer. [Obs.] Shak.

(Sub"strate) n. A substratum. [R.]

(Sub"strate), a. Having very slight furrows. [R.]

(Sub*strate") v. t. [L. substratus, p. p. of substrahere. See Substratum.] To strew or lay under anything. [Obs.]

The melted glass being supported by the substrated sand.

(Sub*stra"tum) n.; pl. Substrata [L. substratus, p. p. of substernere to strew under; sub under + sternere to strew. See Stratum.]

1. That which is laid or spread under; that which underlies something, as a layer of earth lying under another; specifically (Agric.), the subsoil.

2. (Metaph.) The permanent subject of qualities or cause of phenomena; substance.

(Sub*struct") v. t. [See Substruction.] To build beneath something; to lay as the foundation. [R.]

He substructs the religion of Asia as the base.

(Sub*struc"tion) n. [L. substructio, fr. substruere, substructum, to build beneath; sub under + struere to build.] (Arch.) Underbuilding; the foundation, or any preliminary structure intended to raise the lower floor or basement of a building above the natural level of the ground.

It is a magnificent strong building, with a substruction very remarkable.

(Sub*struc"ture) n. [Pref. sub- + structure.]

1. (Arch.) Same as Substruction.

2. An under structure; a foundation; groundwork.

(Sub*sty"lar) a. Pertaining to the substyle.

(Sub"style`) n. (Dialing) A right line on which the style, or gnomon, of a dial is erected; being the common section of the face of the dial and a plane perpendicular to it passing through the style. [Written also substile.] Hutton.

(Sub*sul"phate) n. (Chem.) A sulphate with an excess of the base.

(Sub*sul"phide) n. (Chem.) A nonacid compound consisting of one equivalent of sulphur and more than one equivalent of some other body, as a metal.

(Sub*sul"tive) a. Subsultory. [R.] Berkley.

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