Springal to Spun

(Spring"al Spring"ald) Springall
(Spring"all) , a. [Scot. springald, springel, fr. Scot. & E. spring.] An active, springly young man. [Obs.] "There came two springals of full tender years." Spenser.

Joseph, when he was sold to Potiphar, that great man, was a fair young springall.

(Spring"al), n. [OF. espringale; of Teutonic origin, akin to E. spring.] An ancient military engine for casting stones and arrows by means of a spring.

(Spring"board`) n. An elastic board, secured at the ends, or at one end, often by elastic supports, used in performing feats of agility or in exercising.

(||Spring"bok` Spring"buck`) , n. [D. springbok; springen to spring, leap + bok a he-goat, buck.] (Zoöl.) A South African gazelle (Gazella euchore) noted for its graceful form and swiftness, and for its peculiar habit of springing lighty and suddenly into the air. It has a white dorsal stripe, expanding into a broad patch of white on the rump and tail. Called also springer. [Written also springboc, and springbock.]

(Springe) n. [From Spring, v. i.: cf. G. sprenkel, Prov. E. springle.] A noose fastened to an elastic body, and drawn close with a sudden spring, whereby it catches a bird or other animal; a gin; a snare.

As a woodcock to mine own springe.

(Springe), v. t. To catch in a springe; to insnare. [R.]

(Spring"e) v. t. [OE. sprengen. See Sprinkle.] To sprinkle; to scatter. [Obs.]

He would sowen some difficulty,
Or springen cockle in our cleane corn.

(Spring"er) n.

1. One who, or that which, springs; specifically, one who rouses game.

2. A young plant. [Obs.] Evelyn.

3. (Arch.) (a) The impost, or point at which an arch rests upon its support, and from which it seems to spring. Hence: (b) The bottom stone of an arch, which lies on the impost. The skew back is one form of springer. (c) The rib of a groined vault, as being the solid abutment for each section of vaulting.

4. (Zoöl.) The grampus.

5. (Zoöl.) A variety of the field spaniel. See Spaniel.

6. (Zoöl.) A species of antelope; the sprinkbok.

(Spring"halt`) n. (Far.) A kind of lameness in horse. See Stringhalt. Shak.

(Spring"head`) n. A fountain or source.

(Spring"i*ness) n. The state or quality of being springly. Boyle.

(Spring"ing), n.

1. The act or process of one who, or that which, springs.

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