Stringboard to Stroke

(String"board`) n. Same as Stringpiece.

(String"course`) n. (Arch.) A horizontal band in a building, forming a part of the design, whether molded, projecting, or carved, or in any way distinguished from the rest of the work.

(Stringed) a.

1. Having strings; as, a stringed instrument. Ps. cl. 4.

2. Produced by strings. "Answering the stringed noise." Milton.

(Strin"gen*cy) n. The quality or state of being stringent.

(||Strin"gen*do) a. [It.] (Mus.) Urging or hastening the time, as to a climax.

(Strin"gent) a. [L. stringens, -entis, p. pr. of stringere to draw or bind tight. See Strain.] Binding strongly; making strict requirements; restrictive; rigid; severe; as, stringent rules.

They must be subject to a sharper penal code, and to a more stringent code of procedure.

Strin"gent*ly, adv.Strin"gent*ness, n.

(String"er) n.

1. One who strings; one who makes or provides strings, especially for bows.

Be content to put your trust in honest stringers.

2. A libertine; a wencher. [Obs.] Beau. & Fl.

3. (Railroad) A longitudinal sleeper.

4. (Shipbuilding) A streak of planking carried round the inside of a vessel on the under side of the beams.

5. (Carp.) A long horizontal timber to connect uprights in a frame, or to support a floor or the like.

(String"halt`) n. (Far.) An habitual sudden twitching of the hinder leg of a horse, or an involuntary or convulsive contraction of the muscles that raise the hock. [Written also springhalt.]

(String"i*ness) n. Quality of being stringy.

(String"less), a. Having no strings.

His tongue is now a stringless instrument.

(String"piece`) n. (Arch.) (a) A long piece of timber, forming a margin or edge of any piece of construction; esp.: (b) One of the longitudinal pieces, supporting the treads and rises of a flight or run of stairs.

(String"y) a.

1. Consisting of strings, or small threads; fibrous; filamentous; as, a stringy root.

2. Capable of being drawn into a string, as a glutinous substance; ropy; viscid; gluely.

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