Mountain sorrel. (Bot.) See under Mountain.Red sorrel. (Bot.) (a) A malvaceous plant (Hibiscus Sabdariffa) whose acid calyxes and capsules are used in the West Indies for making tarts and acid drinks. (b) A troublesome weed also called sheep sorrel.Salt of sorrel(Chem.), binoxalate of potassa; — so called because obtained from the juice of Rumex Acetosella, or Rumex Axetosa. Sorrel tree(Bot.), a small ericaceous tree (Oxydendrum arboreum) whose leaves resemble those of the peach and have a sour taste. It is common along the Alleghanies. Called also sourwood. Wood sorrel(Bot.), any plant of the genus Oxalis.

Sorrento work
(Sor"ren"to work`) Ornamental work, mostly carved in olivewood, decorated with inlay, made at or near Sorrento, Italy. Hence, more rarely, jig-saw work and the like done anywhere.

(Sor"ri*ly) adv. In a sorry manner; poorly.

Thy pipe, O Pan, shall help, though I sing sorrily.
Sir P. Sidney.

(Sor"ri*ness), n. The quality or state of being sorry.

(Sor"row) n. [OE. sorwe, sorewe, sore, AS. sorg, sorh; akin to D. zorg care, anxiety, OS. sorga, OHG. sorga, soraga, suorga, G. sorge, Icel., Sw., & Dan. sorg, Goth. saúrga; of unknown origin.] The uneasiness or pain of mind which is produced by the loss of any good, real or supposed, or by diseappointment in the expectation of good; grief at having suffered or occasioned evil; regret; unhappiness; sadness. Milton.

How great a sorrow suffereth now Arcite!

The safe and general antidote against sorrow is employment.

Syn. — Grief; unhappiness; regret; sadness; heaviness; mourning; affliction. See Affliction, and Grief.

(Sor"row), v. i. [imp. & p. p. Sorrowed ; p. pr. & vb. n. Sorrowing.] [OE. sorowen, sorwen, sorhen, AS. sorgian; akin to Goth. saúrgan. See Sorrow, n.] To feel pain of mind in consequence of evil experienced, feared, or done; to grieve; to be sad; to be sorry.

Sorrowing most of all . . . that they should see his face no more.
Acts xx. 38.

I desire no man to sorrow for me.
Sir J. Hayward.

(Sor"rowed) a. Accompanied with sorrow; sorrowful. [Obs.] Shak.

(Sor"row*ful) a. [OE. sorweful, AS. sorgful.]

1. Full of sorrow; exhibiting sorrow; sad; dejected; distressed. "This sorrowful prisoner." Chaucer.

My soul is exceeding sorrowful, even unto death.
Matt. xxvi. 38.

2. Producing sorrow; exciting grief; mournful; lamentable; grievous; as, a sorrowful accident.

Syn. — Sad; mournful; dismal; disconsolate; drear; dreary; grievous; lamentable; doleful; distressing.

Sor"row*ful*ly, adv.Sor"row*ful*ness, n.

(Sor"row*less), a. Free from sorrow.

(Sor"rel), n. [F. surelle, fr. sur sour, fr. OHG. sr sour. See Sour.] (Bot.) One of various plants having a sour juice; especially, a plant of the genus Rumex, as Rumex Acetosa, Rumex Acetosella, etc.

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