King sora, the Florida gallinule.

(Sop"o*rate) v. t. [L. soporatus, p. p. or soporare to put to sleep, fr. sopor a heavy sleep.] To lay or put to sleep; to stupefy. [Obs.] Cudworth.

(Sop`o*rif"er*ous) a. [L. soparifer; sopor a heavy sleep + ferere to bring.] Causing sleep; somniferous; soporific. "Soporiferous medicine." Swift.

—- Sop`o*rif"er*ous*ly, adv.Sop`o*rif"er*ous*ness, n.

(Sop`o*rif"ic) a. [L. sopor a heavy sleep (akin to somnus sleep) + facere to make. See Somnolent, Fact.] Causing sleep; tending to cause sleep; soporiferous; as, the soporific virtues of opium.

Syn. — Somniferous; narcotic; opiate; anodyne.

(Sop`o*rif"ic), n. A medicine, drug, plant, or other agent that has the quality of inducing sleep; a narcotic.

(Sop"o*rose` Sop"o*rous) , a. [From Sopor; cf. L. soporus, fr. sopor a heavy sleep; F. soporeux.] Causing sleep; sleepy.

(Sop"per) n. One who sops. Johnson.

(Sop"py) a. Soaked or saturated with liquid or moisture; very wet or sloppy.

It [Yarmouth] looked rather spongy and soppy.

(||So"pra) adv. [It., from L. supra above.] (Mus.) Above; before; over; upon.

(So*pra"nist) n. (Mus.) A treble singer.

(So*pra"no) n.; pl. E. Sopranos It. Soprani [It., fr. soprano superior, highest, fr. sopra above, L. supra. See Sovereign.] (Mus.) (a) The treble; the highest vocal register; the highest kind of female or boy's voice; the upper part in harmony for mixed voices. (b) A singer, commonly a woman, with a treble voice.

(Sops"a*vine) n. See Sops of wine, under Sop.

(So"ra) n. (Zoöl.) A North American rail (Porzana Carolina) common in the Eastern United States. Its back is golden brown, varied with black and white, the front of the head and throat black, the breast and sides of the head and neck slate-colored. Called also American rail, Carolina rail, Carolina crake, common rail, sora rail, soree, meadow chicken, and orto.

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