1. Susceptible of being solved, resolved, or explained; admitting of solution.

2. Capable of being paid and discharged; as, solvable obligations. Tooke.

3. Able to pay one's debts; solvent. [Obs.] Fuller.

(Solv"a*ble*ness) n. Quality of being solvable.

(Solve) v. t. [imp. & p. p. Solved (solvd); p. pr. & vb. n. Solving.] [L. solvere, solutum; from a prefix so- expressing separation (cf. Sober) + luere to loosen; cf. OF. soldre, soudre. See Loose, and cf. Absolve.] To explain; to resolve; to unfold; to clear up (what is obscure or difficult to be understood); to work out to a result or conclusion; as, to solve a doubt; to solve difficulties; to solve a problem.

True piety would effectually solve such scruples.

God shall solve the dark decrees of fate.

Syn. — To explain; resolve; unfold; clear up.

(Solve), n. A solution; an explanation. [Obs.] Shak.

(Sol"ven*cy) n. [See Solvent.] The quality or state of being solvent.

(Sol"vend) n. [L. solvendus to be loosened or dissolved, fr. solvere. See Solution.] A substance to be dissolved. [R.]

(Sol"vent) a. [L. solvens, p. pr. of solvere. See Solvable.]

1. Having the power of dissolving; dissolving; as, a solvent fluid. "The solvent body." Boyle.

2. Able or sufficient to pay all just debts; as, a solvent merchant; the estate is solvent.

(Sol"vent), n. (Chem.) A substance (usually liquid) suitable for, or employed in, solution, or in dissolving something; as, water is the appropriate solvent of most salts, alcohol of resins, ether of fats, and mercury or acids of metals, etc.

2. That which resolves; as, a solvent of mystery.

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