Sea drake
(Sea" drake`) (Zoöl.) The pewit gull.

Sea duck
(Sea" duck`) (Zoöl.) Any one of numerous species of ducks which frequent the seacoasts and feed mainly on fishes and mollusks. The scoters, eiders, old squaw, and ruddy duck are examples. They may be distinguished by the lobate hind toe.

Sea eagle
(Sea" ea"gle)

1. (Zoöl.) Any one of several species of fish-eating eagles of the genus Haliæetus and allied genera, as the North Pacific sea eagle which has white shoulders, head, rump, and tail; the European white-tailed eagle (H. albicilla); and the Indian white-tailed sea eagle, or fishing eagle The bald eagle and the osprey are also sometimes classed as sea eagles.

2. (Zoöl.) The eagle ray. See under Ray.

(Sea"-ear`) n. (Zoöl.) Any species of ear-shaped shells of the genus Haliotis. See Abalone.

Sea eel
(Sea" eel`) (Zoöl.) The conger eel.

Sea egg
(Sea" egg`) (Zoöl.) A sea urchin.

Sea elephant
(Sea" el"e*phant) (Zoöl.) A very large seal (Macrorhinus proboscideus) of the Antarctic seas, much hunted for its oil. It sometimes attains a length of thirty feet, and is remarkable for the prolongation of the nose of the adult male into an erectile elastic proboscis, about a foot in length. Another species of smaller size (M. angustirostris) occurs on the coast of Lower California, but is now nearly extinct.

Sea fan
(Sea" fan`) (Zoöl.) Any gorgonian which branches in a fanlike form, especially Gorgonia flabellum of Florida and the West Indies.

(Sea"far`er) n. [Sea + fare.] One who follows the sea as a business; a mariner; a sailor.

(Sea"far`ing), a. Following the business of a mariner; as, a seafaring man.

Sea feather
(Sea" feath"er) (Zoöl.) Any gorgonian which branches in a plumelike form.

Sea fennel
(Sea" fen"nel) (Bot.) Samphire.

Sea fern
(Sea" fern") (Zoöl.) Any gorgonian which branches like a fern.

Sea fight
(Sea" fight`) An engagement between ships at sea; a naval battle.

Sea fir
(Sea" fir`) (Zoöl.) A sertularian hydroid, especially Sertularia abietina, which branches like a miniature fir tree.

Sea flower
(Sea" flow"er) (Zoöl.) A sea anemone, or any related anthozoan.

Sea foam
(Sea" foam`)

1. Foam of sea water.

2. (Min.) Meerschaum; — called also sea froth.

Sea fowl
(Sea" fowl`) (Zoöl.) Any bird which habitually frequents the sea, as an auk, gannet, gull, tern, or petrel; also, all such birds, collectively.

Sea fox
(Sea" fox`) (Zoöl.) The thrasher shark. See Thrasher.

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