Recurrent fever. (Med.) See Relapsing fever, under Relapsing.Recurrent pulse(Physiol.), the pulse beat which appears (when the radial artery is compressed at the wrist) on the distal side of the point of pressure through the arteries of the palm of the hand.Recurrent sensibility(Physiol.), the sensibility manifested by the anterior, or motor, roots of the spinal cord (their stimulation causing pain) owing to the presence of sensory fibers from the corresponding sensory or posterior roots.

(Re*cur"sant) a. [L. recursans, -antis, p. pr. of recursare to run back, v. freq. of recurrere. See Recure.] (Her.) Displayed with the back toward the spectator; — said especially of an eagle.

(Re*cur"sion) n. [L. recursio. See Recur.] The act of recurring; return. [Obs.] Boyle.

(Re*cur"vate) a. [L. recurvatus, p. p. of recurvare. See Re-, and Curvate.] (Bot.) Recurved.

(Re*cur"vate) v. t. To bend or curve back; to recurve. Pennant.

(Re`cur*va"tion) n. The act of recurving, or the state of being recurved; a bending or flexure backward.

(Re*curve") v. t. To curve in an opposite or unusual direction; to bend back or down.

(Re*curved") a. Curved in an opposite or uncommon direction; bent back; as, a bird with a recurved bill; flowers with recurved petals.

(Re*cur`vi*ros"ter) n. [L. recurvus bent back + rostrum beack; cf. F. récurvirostre.] (Zool.) A bird whose beak bends upward, as the avocet.

(Re*cur`vi*ros"tral) a. [See Recurviroster.] (Zoöl.) Having the beak bent upwards.

(Re*cur"vi*ty) n. Recurvation.

(Re*cur"vous) a. [L. recurvus; pref. re- re + curvus curved.] Recurved. Derham.

(Re*cu"san*cy) n. The state of being recusant; nonconformity. Coke.

(Re*cu"sant) a.[L. recusans, -antis, p. pr. of recure to refuse, to oject to; pref. re- re + causa a cause, pretext: cf. F. récusant. See Cause, and cf. Ruse.] Obstinate in refusal; specifically, in English

(Re*cure"), n. Cure; remedy; recovery. [Obs.]

But whom he hite, without recure he dies.

(Re*cure"less), a. Incapable of cure. [Obs.] Bp. Hall.

(Re*cur"rence) Recurrency
(Re*cur"ren*cy) n. [Cf. F. récurrence.] The act of recurring, or state of being recurrent; return; resort; recourse.

I shall insensibly go on from a rare to a frequent recurrence to the dangerous preparations.
I. Taylor.

(Re*cur"rent) a. [L. recurrens, -entis, p. pr. of recurrere: cf.F. récurrent. See Recur.]

1. Returning from time to time; recurring; as, recurrent pains.

2. (Anat.) Running back toward its origin; as, a recurrent nerve or artery.

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